Suddenly you have long, thick and beautiful hair! You want it to remain that way, and so we’ll show you how to take good care of your Ava Hair extensions. We’ll share with you all our best tips and tricks to ensure your hair extensions live a long and happy life.

The better care you take of your hair extensions will determine how long they last. 

To ensure your hair extensions maintain their look and feel, it’s essential to treat your set with care while staying consistent with your maintenance ritual.

Importance of Caring for Your Set

By keeping up with good habits and taking consistent care of your set – this will make sure your extensions stay looking healthy and last as long as possible.

Let's get straight to our top tips and tricks to help you care best for your Ava hair extensions.


When straightening your hair extensions, using a heat protectant spray is vital to help protect the hair.

We also recommend using your straightener at a low-medium temperature, this will help reduce stripping any natural oils out of the hair and also prevent creating split ends.

By applying these couple tips when straightening, curling or styling your hair you can be sure you are taking good precaution to prolong the life of your set.


Do you want your hair extensions to live forever? Correct storage of your Ava Hair extensions is crucial. The box your extensions arrived in is perfect to re-use and store them in, keeping your set of Ava’s safe and protected.

Before storing your set away it’s important to brush the hair through thoroughly. Always making sure to brush through gently from the bottom, working your way up to the top. By taking this step prior to storage, you will keep your hair extensions safe and tangle free.

Always make sure when brushing, that you do so gently as this will help to reduce any light-shedding and breaking. Once you have brushed through, roll the hair into a circle and place it in your box. Storing away safely perhaps in a drawer, and of course out of direct sunlight. 

Daily Brushing & Hydration

Your hair extensions don’t have a natural source of hydration like your natural hair does. So making sure to keep your set moisturised and reducing dryness is vital. We recommend using hair care products with a lot of moisture and nutrients as this will provide your set what it needs to last longer and stay healthy.

Brushing your extensions before use and after each wear will help to reduce tangles, and your hair will stay nice and shiny. When brushing your set, make sure to brush gently starting from the bottom and working your way up to the top.

If you happen to come across any knots when brushing, take a moment to pull that individual piece out of your set and brush it through separately, making sure you are gentle when doing so.

By making sure that you are gentle when brushing, this will also help to reduce shedding and breakage. 


When washing your extensions it’s critical to make sure that you use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. This is essential, as using any products that contain drying chemicals will shorten the life-span of your hair extensions. 

Sulphates are cleaning detergents in shampoos which cause them to create foam, while they are effective at cleaning they also dry out the natural oils in hair that are there to protect it. Sulphates can also cause split ends, and make your hair look dry over time.

So to recap, using a sulphate free shampoo and a hydrating conditioner when washing is super important. By using a quality shampoo and conditioner, this will also help to soften and detangle the hair.

How often should I wash them

We highly recommend to only wash your Ava Hair extensions once every 10-20 wears, or depending on how frequently you use them. By washing them too much, this can over time reduce their life-span and cause them to dry out.

After washing

Put your hair extensions in a safe place and allow them to air dry, avoid blow-drying as this can cause them to tangle. It’s also super important to make sure that your set is completely dry before brushing through, and then storing away.

Prevent tangling and reduce shedding

It’s not out of the ordinary for hair extensions to tangle. When wearing your hair extensions, your natural hair will rub against your extensions which causes friction, in turn making them tangle.

Make sure to never sleep with your hair extensions in, as this can damage both your natural hair and your extensions. By sleeping with your hair extensions in, this would also mix all your hair together, creating lots of knots and tangles. 

By having a frequent brushing routine, and making sure to brush them through gently every time you clip-in and clip-out your hair extensions will help to prevent tangling. 

Some shedding of your hair extensions is normal and can be expected. Each time you brush or style your extensions, they will shed lightly. This doesn’t mean not to brush or style them, as there is no way to get around light shedding. However it’s important to keep in mind that by being gentle when brushing or styling your extensions will help to reduce shedding. 

Coloring and dying

We have several different shades of Ava hair extensions available, and so it is always best to match your hair color to the closest set.

As our hair extensions are made of the highest quality 100% human remy hair, they can be treated just like natural hair (with a few exceptions). This means that if you wish to dye your set you can do so, however there’s a few important pointers to keep in mind when doing so: 

  • Make sure to always dye your set darker and not lighter.
  • Get a professional at a salon who is experienced working with extensions to dye them for you.
  • We do not recommend ever bleaching your set as this will damage this hair. It may also not come out as expected due to existing dye within the hair.

When coloring your set of extensions, we highly recommend dyeing just one clip to start with. Ensure that you are happy with the results and how it has come out, and then proceed once you are sure and dye the rest of your set. 

How long will my extensions last?

By taking good care of your hair extensions on a regular basis, your set can last up to a year or even longer. This of course will be determined on how often you wear them, and the level of care taken with them.

It’s super important to take note that each time you wash and style your set, this will reduce the sets lifetime – so make sure to keep washing and styling to a minimum.

By having a consistent routine and giving your Ava’s all the love and care they need, you’ll be able to enjoy your set for a long time to come.