Ava Hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, that means you need to care for your set just like you would your normal hair. It’s also important not to wash your hair extensions too frequently as washing them all the time can reduce your extensions life-span. We recommend giving your Ava’s a good wash once every 15-20 wears.

Your extensions may also need a wash more frequently depending on how much, and what product you use on them. Product build up within the hair can cause it to become unmanageable after a while, which will mean your set is due for a good wash.

In this post we’ll share with you our process to wash your Ava Hair extensions so they stay silky smooth, beautiful and last longer. 

To follow along you will need 

  • Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment (optional)
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Paddle Brush

Step 1: Brush Your Extensions

Prior to washing your hair extensions, brushing them through gently is a must. This will help ensure that any tangles are removed, and also prevents any tangles from forming during and after the wash.

Lay your hair extensions out on a clean surface and gently brush through starting from the bottom and slowly working your way up to the top. Once brushed through, group the individual wefts together in similar size and stack them on-top of each other in preparation for the wash.

Step 2: Get the Water Ready

Ok, it’s time to get the water running! Fill your sink with lukewarm water and squirt in a handful of shampoo, mixing the shampoo through the water with your hand.

Remember to always use a sulphate free, alcohol free shampoo that is specifically made for color-treated hair. By using a high quality shampoo this will ensure that the color of your extensions is preserved when giving them a good wash. 

Step 3: Shampoo Time

If you have used a lot of product on your extensions, over time there will be some product build-up – in this case we recommend going through and washing each individual weft separately. Otherwise if you don’t use a lot of product on your extensions, you’ll be fine by bundling some of the smaller clips and washing them together. 

Start with each piece by holding the top of the weft in one hand, placing it in the water and gently working the shampoo into the hair. Ensure that you use gentle strokes with your hand to wash the hair, removing any product build-up as you go. 

Once having washed the first weft, place it to the side on a towel and begin repeating the process for the remaining wefts until they are all done. 

Step 4: Conditioning the Wefts

Conditioning the hair is super important to ensure a good wash. This step will keep your extensions soft, healthy, nourished and silky smooth just like when you first received them. 

Take each weft separately (feel free to group together the smaller wefts), then gently and thoroughly massage a decent amount of conditioner through each piece. Once having conditioned the first piece, lay it down on a towel before rinsing out and continue conditioning the remaining wefts. This step is essential to allow the conditioner to soak into the hair strands.

Once having conditioned each weft, rinse thoroughly with cold water making sure to get all conditioner rinsed out. If any conditioner remains in the hair from not thoroughly rinsing, the hair may feel a little greasy after the wash.

It’s also super important to rinse with cold water! Rinsing through with cold water will close up the cuticles on each strand of hair, locking in moisture - essentially leaving your extensions silky smooth.

Step 5: Deep Conditioning Treatment (optional) 

Using a regular conditioner is fine, but if you want to show your extensions some extra love and take things a step further we recommend using a deep conditioning treatment. This will result in a longer lasting effect as these conditioners are specifically designed for dry, damaged or color treated hair.

Gently massage the hair treatment into each weft and leave to rest for at least 3-4 hours. By allowing some time to rest, this will make sure each hair strand soaks up the minerals within the treatment, making your extensions as healthy as they can possibly be.

Step 5: Allow Them To Dry

Allow your extensions to dry by air as this will keep the nutrients and moisture locked into the hair. It’s also important to make sure you avoid blow drying as this can cause the hair to tangle and lose moisture.

If you are in a rush and need to blow-dry your set, make sure to use a heat protectant spray prior to blow-drying.

Before laying your extensions out to dry, ensure you have wringed all water out of each weft. Once done, lay each weft out one by one on a towel and allow to dry by air in a safe place.

(optional) You can also apply a small amount of hair oil to each weft, this will ensure each piece remains silky smooth.

Step 7: Comb Your Extensions

Once dry, gently brush each weft with a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom and slowly working your way up to the top.

Your wash is now complete! Roll your extensions up into a circle and store them away safely for their next use. 

By following these steps closely when washing your extensions, you can be sure they will last as long as possible while keeping their health, shine and beauty.