Hair extensions are the perfect touch to give your hair extra length & volume and can be applied within a matter of minutes.

For a lot of girls, if you have never put in hair extensions before it can be intimidating. If that’s you don’t worry, after reading this post you will see how truly easy it is to put them in!

In this comprehensive guide we’ll show you how to prepare your hair and apply your clip-in hair extensions perfectly, ensuring that they remain strongly in-place and undetectable.

Let’s get started.

Preparing your hair

Before applying your hair extensions it’s important to take a minute and brush through your hair, ensuring to remove any tangles. 

It’s not required, but if you’re getting your hair ready for a special day and need things to be perfect you can also straighten the ends of your hair. This will ensure that there are no obvious differences between the ends of your natural hair and your extensions.

Applying your extensions

To apply your hair extensions, we’ll start by working from the bottom up on the back of your head using the 3-4 clip pieces. Each time we add in a new piece, we’ll section off the hair and secure it at the top of your head with a hair clip.

Before clipping in a new piece to your hair, each time make sure to brush the weft starting from the bottom and working your way up as you go.

Piece #1 (3-clip weft)

The first piece we’ll use out of your set is a 3-clip weft. Begin by separating a straight line of hair at the bottom of your head and securing your hair at the top of your head with a hair clip.

Take the 3-clip weft and make sure to brush it prior to clipping it into your hair.

TIP: If you have thinner hair, to keep your extensions stuck in place you can tease the roots of your hair where the clips will be applied. This will ensure that the clips stay stuck in place. To attach a clip, slide it into the teased area and snap the clip into place making sure that you apply the clip as close to your scalp as possible.

Start by clipping in the middle clip followed by the two sides clips, and there you go the first piece is in!

Piece #2 (smaller 4-clip weft)

Once having attached the first piece, let down approx 1” worth of your natural hair and begin teasing the hair where you will apply the next piece. Make sure to pay extra care and attention to make sure that you don’t disturb the clips which have already been applied. 

Get out the smaller 4 piece weft and make sure to brush it gently ensuring there are no tangles.

Find the middle of your head and clip in the middle 2 clips, then clip in the two sides.

Piece #3 (larger 4-clip weft)

Separate another section of hair again approx 1" higher than the last weft.

Take out your larger 4" weft and brush it through gently. Again clip in the middle two clips, followed by the two side clips.

If you are using our 120g set don't worry about this step and continue on to the next step.

Piece #4 (3 clip weft)

Once again separate another section of hair approx 2 inches below the crown of your head.

Take out your other 3 clip weft and make sure to brush through gently.

Find the middle of your head where you have parted your hair and clip-in the middle clip followed by the two side clips.

Now that all of the 3 and 4 clip weft pieces have been applied to the back of your head, you will be left with the smaller pieces from your set.

Filling in the sides

Your set will have four 1 clip wefts and two 2 clip wefts. We'll use these pieces to fill in the sides of your hair which will add more volume and really make your whole set of extensions blend in well with your natural hair.

Part your hair roughly 2 inches above your ear. Taking a 2-clip piece secure the first clip on the side of your head, and the second clip closer to the back of your head.

Use the single clip pieces at the front to fill & balance out any layers you have in your natural hair. You can also add the single clip pieces anywhere you feel that you need more hair.

Finishing up

Once done make sure to brush through your hair to help blend your extensions in with your natural hair.

Remember if you are going to use heat-styling tools, to use them on a low-medium heat and use a heat protectant spray prior to straightening or curling.

Also keep in mind that like anything, putting in your hair extensions will take a little practice. You will quickly get the hang of putting them in and be able to apply them within a few minutes.

With all your clips in place, you are now ready to wear any style you like.