Your crown is one of the most noticeable features about you. Ava Hair extensions are made from the highest quality 100% remy human hair and is the quickest solution for you to instantly lift your confidence and feel more beautiful than ever before!

If you’re new to hair extensions or have never worn them before, you may be wondering why you should wear them. 

Extra long and luscious hair is not the only reason to wear hair extensions. Here are our top 5 reasons why hair extensions can help you live your best life!

Instant Length & volume

Hair extensions are the ultimate solution to help you achieve the hair you have always dreamed of. You can instantly transform your hair by adding more length, volume and thickness within a matter of minutes.

We offer several different weights of hair extensions which are available in 120, 160 and 220 gram sets with 9-10 wefts per set (just a few wefts will transform your look).

Our 120 gram sets are ideal for thinner or shorter hair while our 160g sets are suitable for most, as they have been designed for hair with a medium thickness. Lastly we have our 220g sets which are made for those who have a lot of hair or simply just want a lot more volume.

If you’ve ever struggled with getting your hair to grow a certain length, you are not alone! Instead of waiting for your hair to grow, by quickly clipping in your hair extensions you can have more length, volume & thickness resulting in a totally amazing look. 

Low commitment

Clip-in and clip-out, you can go from short hair to long, or from thin hair to thick hair without committing to anything!

Ever had a bad haircut?

Sometimes even your favourite salon can have you leaving feeling disappointed. By wearing clip-in extensions you can transform your hair and wear absolutely any hair style you wish without committing to it. 

Experimentation & Unlimited Hairstyles

Changing your natural hair color can make you feel confident and refreshed, however it’s not so easy for all girls to just jump in the deep end – and for good reason!

By coloring your own natural hair, it goes without saying that it’s a long term commitment. That’s where hair extensions come in, you can add a pop of color or add a new dimension to your hair with highlights and lowlights, all without having to dye your own natural hair.

You can play around with different styles, without having to worry about damaging your own hair, or coming out with a hair style that isn’t perfect for you. With hair extensions, if you don’t like the results simply just take them out – it’s that easy!

So, if you have ever felt like experimenting with your hair but have been worried about how it would turn out, clip-in hair extensions may be the perfect solution for you to experiment with. 

Ease of use

Clipping in your hair extensions is super easy and takes just a few minutes once you get the hang of it. We’ve also written the perfect guide for you on how to apply your clip-in hair extensions.

One of the best things about wearing hair extensions is that they also cause absolutely zero damage to your own natural hair! So even if you wear your extensions on a consistent basis, your natural hair can still grow to its full potential with zero damage. 

Special Occasions

Have a wedding, party or other special occasion coming up and need to be looking your absolute best?

Some hairstyles are almost impossible to create with thin hair, and sometimes it’s super important to have the perfect hair for a special day. We’ve all been there before!

With long, thick and beautiful hair you can stand out from the rest. Wearing hair extensions is the easiest solution for you to reach your #dreamhair goals.